Jamba Juice Sued for ‘Whole Fruits’ Misleading Advertising


The Center for Science in the Public’s Interest (CSPI) has filed a class action lawsuit against Jamba Juice in a Northern District of California federal court, claiming its marketing is tricking consumer into believing its beverages are ‘whole fruit and vegetable smoothies’. CSPI is seeking unspecified damages.

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Whole Fruit … and 95 Grams of Sugar

Plaintiffs allege that Jamba Juice sells premium priced smoothies that use cheap pear and white grape juice from concentrate, but market them with such slogans as ‘Jamba blends whole fruits and veggies’ and ‘Whole fruit! That’s how we blend’. In addition to using these high sugar concentrates, they also use sugar-ladened sorbets and other juice blends, in which fruit is not in the top five ingredients of the product.

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